Thursday, May 20, 2010

Confessions (Ramblings) of an Overdue Pregnant Woman

Ok, so according to my doctor, I'm overdue. According to my personal calendar (wink, wink) I'm due tomorrow. But of course no one cares what my personal calendar says or the fact that I *KNOW* when I got pregnant. So I'm "overdue." Alright, I'll take it. Because in reality, there is no good excuse for what I'm about to write, so I'll just use the excuse that I'm overdue and totally off my rocker....

Today on the way to my midwife appt that I was already late for, I missed the exit and kept driving for miles all the way into L.A. before I realized it.

Then I had a doc appt for the dumb NST, and afterward I couldn't find my keys. Looked ALL over the office only to go down to the car and find them in the front seat of my unlocked car.

Then I grabbed some food and as I was walking to my car I looked down to see it had leaked ALL over my dress. HUGE pregnant lady in a dress with sauce all over it in a very public place. I went home and changed the dress.

Then I was entering a parking garage and talking to Zyan and when the car in front of me went thru the little stall thingy, I just drove straight forward (forgot to pull a ticket) and the stall almost came down on my car! I had to slam on the breaks (huge screech- all eyes on me) and reverse to pull a ticket.

Then we picked up Adlai and as I put him in the car I stepped into a nasty gutter puddle which soaked the bottom of my second dress. I had to roll my dress up to my crotch and drive home that way so it wouldn't get all over my legs and the seats.

Then Kim was super grumpy at dinner because Adlai was pulling one of his major crying sessions where he cries for no reason and you can't do anything to console him, and then I started crying because everyone is so damn grumpy and sick and tired and I just want to have a nice, peaceful, happy, excited, last few days before we welcome this new baby!

In Kim's defense I really feel for him because I know he is feeling super guilty that he is so sick and completely exhausted - the pneumonia really sucks the life out of you and I read it could be up to a MONTH before the fatigue is gone! So he was trying to do all of these things to help like make dinner and take care of the kids and wash the dishes and Adlai was just screaming the whole time. I kept telling Kim to lay down and he wouldn't, just a stressful night. And my hormones are just ridiculous. ....

Luckily, tomorrow is a new day. We are going out to breakfast, and then later on my bff is going to come over and help me do last minute things around the house. I think tomorrow will be a nice day and then maybe I'll have the baby tomorrow night or over the weekend.....I wrote Kim a nice little love letter too :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Due Day

So my ticker says "0 days" left today!!! EEEEEK! It's my due date! But it's almost over, lol! AND...... no baby. But that's ok, because as I may have mentioned before, I LIKE being pregnant. **A LOT** Especially these last days, the waiting ones. The suspense is so exciting, and I'm glad this babe is giving me the gift I longed for last time around ~ more time. I felt so taken off guard when Adlai came early, but I loved it. This time I'm taken off guard that the baby is "late" but I love that too.
Unfortunately, Kim has come down with a mild case of pneumonia. I feel terrible for him and I know he wants to be in good health when the baby comes, so I think (and hope!) this little one will just sit back and relax for a few days until Daddy is ready to do some baby catching....

Here are a couple of pics Zyan took of me tonight. I think the belly dropped!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not Just Anotha' Motha'

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh"

Another Mother's Day in the books.... only this one's different. It's the last one I'll have being a mother of two. Well, technically LAST year was the last one as a mother of two, because I'm already a mother of three, but I didn't know it so I'll count it as this one, reworded: last Mother's Day with 2 children outside the womb. I can't believe it! It's so exciting, knowing that my family is growing, into a little "crew" as my friend calls it. I can't wait to see this little baby. I can't wait to see if it looks like Zy, or Adlai, or neither, or both. I can't wait for this baby to see all of the love waiting here outside, his or her big brother and sister just waiting patiently to hold and cuddle. I can't wait to fill the picture frames that are waiting to be filled by this mysterious new member of our family.... Anticipation.

I always say I love the waiting part, and I do. I am grateful because even if I had the baby tonight, or tomorrow, I would still feel like I got some of that waiting time. It has been setting in the last few days. I feel pretty ready, and each day even more. Yesterday Kim put the car seat in. Today I put on my new bedspread. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get new curtains for Zyan's room - one of the very last decorating projects to be done. The house is mostly clean, and 15 minutes to company ready. The baby clothes are sorted, washed and put away, and the gender specific clothes are ready to be brought out as soon as this sweet baby shows us who he or she is. The names are picked out ~ mostly. There's room for a little leeway in that area, lol.

These are the moments I always cherish ~ growing a beautiful baby inside my belly, awaiting it's arrival, relaxing and relishing in each moment before the big day. I am so thankful to be in this moment, as a mother, a wife, a friend. I feel inspired, and for that I am extremely grateful. It is something I always long for, and don't want to let go of.

Speaking of inspiration, here are some of my favorite photos of the last couple of months: