Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today We Bought A House

So the day has finally come. We are officially homeowners as of 5pm this afternoon! I really can't believe this all happened so fast, and how we've dreamt of this for years and years and now it's happening.... I am so excited, scared, nervous, and hopeful. So a little about the house:

It's incredibly ugly on the outside, but has potential.
It's fairly large on the inside, and will suit our family well.
It's on the same street as Zyan's school, which will be fun.
I never imagined that we would buy a house with Taco Bell style stucco on the outside or a black wrought iron fence. But here we are. Time cures everything, right?

We had a lovely celebratory dinner with Dave and Clarissa tonight and tomorrow it's time to get to work and start fixing the place up! I will really miss this cute little bungalow we have grown and raised our little family in. When we moved here, Zyan was only 4 years old, and 6 years later we have two more kids, and little Paisley was born in the bedroom!

Time to move on, though.