Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Love

Zyan and Adlai were wrestling on the floor. From the closet I could hear the grunting and the "GRRRR" and then the collapse and giggles. And then again "GRRRR, eh, eeeee, mmmmm,...... ha ha ha ha ha," and squeals of laughter. Once more, "GRRRR, eeekkkk, huuuuu" and then in a tiny whisper I hear Zyan: "I love you Adlai" and in his husky little whisper back "I love you too."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wanna....

I wanna....
Be a stay at home mom
Get paid while doing it
Read lots of good books
Start by reading a book period
Get my house clean
Keep my house clean
Put my makeup on in the house instead of the car
Give to others
Teach my kids to give to others
Grow more, buy less
Write in my journal more
Blog more
Organize photos
Be inspired
Inspire others
Live in the moment
Plan for the future
Have more BBQ's
Share a bottle of wine with someone
Paint my toes

Win the lottery.