Friday, February 19, 2010

In My Mind

Ok, let's jump into my mind for a minute.....
I just added a pregnancy ticker and am absolutely SHOCKED that it says I have 87 days to go..... that will be here tomorrow!

It is 12:45 am and I'm not all that tired.

I am starting to wonder about things. Where will I put the birthing tub? Do I want music on? Where is the baby going to sleep? Isn't it time I buy something? Anything? How do I ask my friends to buy me cloth diapers instead of cheezy duck or frog outfits at my baby shower? When is my house going to be clean?

I am also mentally listing all of the many things I want to do, but somehow I'm not doing any of them. Paint the living room, paint the nursery. Paint the bathroom. Paint Zyan's room. Paint the kitchen. Build a dog run. Pick out some things for this baby. Write in my diary. Organize pictures. Nesting, anyone?

Alright, I really ought to get to bed. My midwives have decided to be evil and throw me a curve ball and ask me to cut down on my coffee. Actually they first asked me to refrain from coffee all together but I calmly and assertively told them that would NOT be happening. So we agreed on one cup instead of two, or half calf. BOO. So my single coffee in the morning might not cut it if I don't get to bed soon!

Good Night.

Friday, February 5, 2010


To be honest, I haven't felt up to blogging lately. Actually, I haven't felt like doing much at all except eating brownies with milk, drinking coffee, and watching Oprah. Am I in a funk? I don't think so. I think i'm just 6.5 months pregnant and I need a little break from the hustle and bustle. I'm starting to get that same feeling I always get as baby time gets closer, a longing to just stay home, close to my nest and my little chickadees. Nothing else seems as important. Ahhhh, but life must go on.

Anyway, as much as I don't feel motivated, I just can't let the last couple of weeks go by without etching them down somewhere besides my fragile little memory. Nope, they are too important, too valuable, too priceless, and too fleeting. After all, that's what this blog was intended for in the first place, to remember.

#1 - My baby turned 2. My sweet, handsome little devil turned 2, and it was perfect. He is so stinkin' cute and we had such a great time. We had a birthday party for him at the park, and just the right friends and family came. We ordered the ginormous pizza that we always get, always a novelty and great conversation piece. Also a damn good pizza. The weather was perfect, in the 60's, clear and cool with a bit of sun. The theme was Sesame Street, with Elmo as the key player. Funny how much I hate when kids are addicted to characters and such, but here's my boy having his Elmo party. I can't deny the poor child just because I'm such a weirdo. The kids played, the parents talked and laughed, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Toward the end of the party Adlai's godbrothers showed up and were throwing the football around with Kim. I looked over and Adlai was running back and forth between all the big boys, trying to catch the football. Priceless.

#2- My now big boy went to pre-school. I remember Zyan's first day of pre-school like it was  yesterday. I remember it was her birthday, and she was turning 2. I remember taking a picture of her out in front of the school.....and I remember he cheezy little smile. And now, I remember it all over again, only this time it was my boy, cheezy smile and all. Same school, same time, same pictures. He had just turned 2 as well, funny how that works out. Zyan insisted on coming with him to his first day, so I picked her up from school in the middle of the day and she came. That girl is amazing. She brought him into his classroom where they were dancing, and she danced with him until he felt comfortable while Kim and I watched and took pictures. We stayed for about 20 minutes, and then we said goodbye. "Bye Mama, bye Daddy, Bye Zy Zy" and big kisses for all of us, not a tear. When I put his stuff in his cubby I was overcome with emotion as I remembered doing the same for Zyan, and here I am again, one more baby growing up and another one growing in the belly.

#3- Both my littles got haircuts, and Zyan looks hardly like a little anymore. In fact, I need to just own it, she looks grown up. Damnit. But I have so much respect for that little girl, she donated all of her long gorgeous hair to Locks of Love, for the second time now. Love. And Adlai, well, Adlai just looks like a Tyger now.

#4- Zyan got a phone call from a boy. Sighhhhhhhhhhh. I don't even know where to begin on this one. "Hi, this is Sebastian, may I please speak to Zyan?"                  
WHAT?!?!? Um, no you crazy fool you may NOT speak to Zyan!!!! Oh, wait, that wouldn't be good. "Oh, sure, hold on. Zyan, it's for you. It's Sebastian."  She looks at me in complete shock, embarrasment, and satisfaction.
"Hello? Hi. Your welcome. Bye." All in a very non-excited, monotone, almost annoyed voice.

The next night.....
Phone rings. Kim answers. "Hi, this is Sebastian, may I please speak to Zyan?" About 1 minute later, Zyan comes into my room and says, "Mom, Sebastian called and said thanks for the brownie and he wants to know if we can have a playdate sometime."
"Umm, ok." (Totally in shock.) Then, she uncomfortably shoves the phone at me, which is STILL ON, and so I say hello, and his mom proceeds to get on the phone and tell me Sebastian just did the same thing to her and she didn't even know he had called Zyan!
WTH?!?!? This boy actually sorted through the school roster and found Zyan's phone number and called and said thanks for the brownie AND asked for a playdate all on his own? Sheesh, the kid's got balls! So I planned a group outing with the mom and I and all of our kids (This is NOT a date people!) to go to the park or something sometime soon. When I hung up I asked Zyan if she even wanted a playdate with Sebastian and she said "Not really." Why? "Well, cuz he's a boy and, I dunno." PHEWWWWW. Largest sigh of relief. I am SO not ready for this, and apparently, neither is she!

BTW, to explain the brownie, they are doing a secret valentine exchange in class where they draw a name out of a hat and give that person 4 secret gifts until V-day. Of course Zyan picked a boy, and it was Sebastian, and one of the other kids told him that she got him. So she gave him a bouncy ball the first day (the first phone call to say thank you) and a brownie we had made the next day. Ah well, as my best friend pointed out, at least Sebastian has manners. And I might sneak in that he's pretty darn cute, but don't tell anyone I said that.

The before and after hair pics.....

My belly at 23 weeks, 3 days 1.25.2010
My belly at 24 weeks, 1 day 1.30.2010