Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whew! What Just Happened?

I figured since September came and almost went, I better get on here. First order of business- saving lives. I just ordered my FREE kit from Be the Match - the online bone marrow donor registry. You can save lives by simply ordering the FREE kit, doing a couple of saliva swabs, and sending them off in hopes that you will be the match for someone in need. So I did it! Have you? Do it now, here! It's so easy and did I mention it's FREE? I sound like a commerical. But seriously, leukemia is curable and your bone marrow just may do the trick, so give it a shot will ya?! If you need a little nudge, read this post of mine.

Alright, next order of business - be thankful. Here's a list: I am thankful that....

Micah is going to be okay.
I just got 7 months off to spend with my family and 6 of them were paid.
I have an awesome husband and awesome kids.
I found my 13 year old cat tonight that has been missing for 10 days.
He's not dead. He's hurt, but not dead.
I'm still BFF's with my BFF from pre-school. Yup, 4 yrs old, first real friend, Francesca. Love that girl.
My face isn't as wrinkly as my hands.
My kids are healthy.
I'm not fat. Plump, but not fat.
I'm happy.

I've been having weird dreams lately. (Oh, we're done with the thankful thing. Moving on now.) I often lay in bed at night and come up with really amazing and sometimes even profound blog posts.... they never make it to the keyboard though because it's always just before I drift off. So annoying that I can't access that creative part of my brain when I'm really awake. Anyway, I went to sleep and dreamt up this AMAZING blog! Only to wake up and not be able to reproduce it at all. I do that with clothing designs too. In my dreams I'm a genius designer, and then I wake up and can't recall the important details. Oh well. At least I've got it in my dreams. Ha!

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Donny & Francesca said...

You are wonderful. I love you so much! I love that you are happy!