Saturday, September 10, 2011

Adlai, Paisley, and I were all in my bed. It was pitch black, and I could only see their silhouettes. Paisley kept giving Adlai kisses. "Mmmmm." She would hum as she leaned over to give him yet another kiss. He would fling his arms around her and kiss her back each time. Finally he said in his sweet, husky little voice, "Ohhhh, I love you too, Paisley!" And then he flung his arms around her one more time.

Suddenly, the lights are abruptly turned on and a giant man walks into the room. With each step he takes there is a pounding on the floor, and the bed shakes a little. The closet door opens, and there is a loud ruckus as the man throws on a sweatshirt. The closet door slams shut, and I hear, "Daddy? "

"Yes?" Says the man.

"You look beautiful."

"What?" Says the man.

"I SAID, you look beautiful. You're all black and dark blue."

"I look beautiful? Why thank you very much, Adlai."

I smothered my head in the pillow as I laughed. I agree, that man is beautiful.

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